Dance Ability Performing Arts Kelete Inc. was established in September 2015. DAPAK has been launched as a dedicated association for dance and music therapy, for performing arts students with special needs.

Kelete Theatre Company formerly operated classes for people with disability. Kelete's director Kelly Buckle has founded and formed a partnership with DAPAK a non-profit organisation which will continue to run classes for people with disability across the Perth Metropolitan area. Upon the completion of our new studios in Bibra Lake people with disability and a love for musical theatre will have a place to call home in Western Australia.

All Classes build on and focus on physical exercise, dance, singing, acting, confidence building & supporting the development of social skills.

DAPAK and its dedicated director currently provide services for students with all disabilities inclusive of, but not limited to Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Damaged, Congenital conditions, Vision Impairment and Down Syndrome.

At DAPAK our motto is #EveryoneDeservesToBeAStar 

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​Our Staff

Chairperson - Kelly Buckle

Qualifications: I.S.T.D, Performing Arts Degree from The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts - London West End, (LSDE) LAMDA Diploma in Communication, Speech and Drama Education (Specialising in Musical Theatre/ Vocal Coaching), Dance Therapist, Basic Signing, Certificate 3 in Child Care and Play Work.

Academic Credits: Then years writing specialised courses using music, dance, and voice as therapy for persons with special needs.


Dance Ability Performing Arts Kelete Inc. was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to be a star. 

Vice-Chairperson - Dave Mattravers


Dave has been living in Australia for 5 years, originally from Scotland. Dave enjoys Spending time with his family and loves the super-bikes.

Dave is proud to be apart of this committee and will endeavour to help create a wonderful space and programs for these amazing students.

Business Development/ Operations Manager - Ralph Southall

Qualifications: Advanced Diploma of Business Management, Associate Diploma Social Science, Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment, Certified Playshop Presenter & Currently studying Cert IV Web Design

Academic Credits: Twenty years experience in Adult Education, Thirty Three years experience in Early & Middle Childhood Education and Care,

Twenty years experience in Business Development Leadership & Management.


Additional Credits: 35 years experience in musical theatre; on stage, back stage, teaching. Website development. Working inclusively within the disability and child protection space.

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